Community Recycling

Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Inc. hosts two recycling centers each month that serve Atlanta and surrounding areas (no residency restrictions apply). Most items are free to drop off.  Fees apply on some items. Please see below for details and guidelines for accepted items.


We are committed to providing this valuable resource to our communities. Your donations help us to support our efforts in the community.


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Sponsorship and signage opportunities are available for both locations. Those interested should contact us at or 404-249-5853.

1st Saturday each month 
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
2715 Peachtree Road, NE*

Atlanta, GA 30305
(Corner East Wesley and Bolling Roads)
2nd Saturday each month 
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Walden School
320 Irwin Street NE*
Atlanta, GA 30312
(Intersection J.W. Dobbs and Hilliard Streets.)

*Directions at bottom of page

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Diversified Recycling offers a full chain of custody and security framework, online asset tracking, and certified environmental compliance. Diversified Recycling provides all of its customers seamless, cost-effective, secure and sustainable electronics asset management solutions.

Accepted Electronics Items

Personal Computers • Monitors • LCD Screen/Flat Screen Monitors • *TVs • VCRs • Radios • Stereos • DVD Players • Microwaves • Power Supplies • Banking Equipment •Telephones • Pagers • Networking Equipment • Laptops • Keyboards • Mice • Power Cables • Medical Equipment (Non-hazardous) • Printers • Copy Machines • Fax Machines • Cell Phones • Transformers • Scanners • Portable Electronic Devices • Servers • HUBs • Ink Cartridges • Toner Cartridges • Remotes •  Modems • Projectors • Cameras • Small Household Appliances

FEES (cash, debit, credit cards)
TV: $10.00  •   Wooden console/Plasma/Projection TV: $30.00  •  CRT Computer Monitor: $5.00  •  Cracked screen LCD/LED Monitor: $5.00 (no fee for undamaged LCD/LED monitor)

Not Accepted: Mercury Containing Devices (Thermometers, Fire Alarms) • Hazardous Chemicals/Materials • Light Bulbs •Florescent tubes • Bio-Waste • Batteries* (all types)

*Local Alkaline Battery Acceptance: Batteries+Bulbs (fee, per pound) • Midtown Atlanta Target (no fee) • Best Buy Edgewood and Lindberg (no fee) Note: It is safe to dispose of Alkaline batteries in regular household trash.


Global Document Shredding is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction. All documents are shredded and will be 100% recycled.  Please no plastic, cardboard, large binders or metal clips. First box of shredding is free, $3.00 each additional box.




Post-consumer polystyrene foam recycling is courtesy of DART Container Corporation.  Residents are asked to follow these guidelines before bringing their foam for recycling:

– Make sure foam has the 6 symbol on it • Rinse and separate food service containers from other foam
– NO straws, lids, tape or stickers • NO foam peanuts or insulation material


Paint must be in the original, clearly labelled, non-leaking container, and cannot be mixed with anything, including other paint. Please no oil or alkyd paints. Atlanta Paint Disposal (APD) donates paint to KAtlB for graffiti paint overs by numerous city departments. 

*FEES (cash or credit card)
1 gal can $3.00   •    1 qt can $1.50   •   1 pt can $1.00   •   5 gal bucket $15.00





The City of Atlanta provides single stream (fully commingled) recycling services* at our two recycling locations. 

Accepted Recyclables: paper products except paper towels or tissues  •  aluminum  •  steel (tin) cans • aerosol cans  • plastic food containers and bottles 1 – 7  •  cardboard

*Do not add glass to your commingled items. Please drop off cleaned bottles, jars, and food containers with our paint recycler, APD (below).


Our paint and metals recycler, APD will collect cleaned bottles, jars, and food containers and deliver it to a local glass recycler.  

Not Accepted: Mirrors, plate glass, crystal, bulbs, windows, etc.


Our paint and metals recycler, APD will collect all metals, such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and other high temperature alloys. For example, they accept bicycles, grills, lawn chairs, metal rods, car parts, and household appliances (refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks, etc.). Note: any coolant must  be evacuated from appliances.

Will also accept tires for recycling! Must be free of water, bugs/critters, and excessive dirt. Tires on rims are acceptable – standard car and truck tires only.

FEES (cash or credit card)
Freon recovery: $10.00  •   Propane tanks: $10.00  •   Tires: $10.00 ea.

Prohibited Materials: Radioactive material/sources   •   PCB bearing materials   •   Asbestos containing materials   •   Street/highway/road/traffic signs   •   Municipal light/traffic poles   •   Sewer covers   •   CFC containing materials   •   Closed/sealed tanks   •   Material containing free-flowing liquids   •   Material containing harmful toxins/acids   •   Magnesium turnings/borings   •   Tires/rubber/trash/excessive non-metalics (see other recycling vendors above)   •   Stolen material   •   Railroad tracks/spikes/Tie plates-OTM   •   Leaking capacitors   •   Crushed drums   •   Beer kegs   •   Meters: Gas, water, electrical (bill of sale required)


usagain_hi_res_logoUSAgain is a green enterprise that works to reduce the textile waste going into landfills by making clothes and shoes recycling convenient.


Accepted items: Clothing and shoes of all styles and sizes   •  household textiles (drapes, towels, bedding, etc)  •   accessories (purses, hats, belts, etc.)  •  household items: flatware, glassware, plastics, pots, pans, collectibles, etc.  •  child safety seats  •  strollers, carriages, cribs  •  toys, games, dolls, etc.  •  diamond cases  •  backpacks, luggage, computer bags, brief cases, etc.

Please place all recyclables in tied bags. No carpet or commercial fabric scraps. 

For information and questions regarding items not accepted at our recycling centers, please visit